meet cindy

As you probably know by now, I'm Cindy Medick, a wedding & lifestyle photographer. I live for the inspired romantic bride who wants those day dreamy images that reflect why they fell in love with their incredible person.

I remember when I was planning my wedding 10 years ago with all of the ordering, scheduling, DIYing, life felt a little crazy! Plus I still had a full time job to do! haha! But when I walk past our wedding photos in my home, I don't even think about all the wedding crazies. I remember how it felt when he had his arms around me and how I knew that we are going to be living our lives together, and how truly happy I was and still am. I want to bring this same feeling to you both. Your wedding is going to be beautiful, but your marriage is going to be oh so much more!

When I'm not planning with brides, editing a shoot, or writing an awesome bio, (ha) I'm hanging out with the hubs, joking with my daughter, or playing with my two puppy loves of my life, Emie (princess) & Maddie (the chair stealer). It's possible, you may find me lost in the aisles of any office supply store, dragging my husband shopping, or watching a rangers game.


three things you should know about me


Love the Water

It is the most calming thing in the world to sit next to a body of water.  can be a lake or ocean.  I'm not picky.  :)  it is my ultimate happy place. 


I heart Puppies

It always puts a smile on my face to see a puppy doing puppy things.  tongue on the side of their mouth, head hanging out the window.  By the way, all dogs are puppies.  


Bags & supplies

I'm naturally drawn to bags & office supplies of all kinds.  backpacks, pencil bags, purses, overnight bags, planners... you name it!


Wedding Photography is more than just pretty images.

My priority is to capture images that captivate just how you feel about each other.  My goal is to take you back to the day every time you see your photos.  I want your family to get watery eyes years after your wedding day just looking at a picture you have in your home and they can remember how happy they felt for you that day.  I want you and your spouse to laugh and smile while you look at each image of the day you vowed to be together completely.