I have a question for you...
Do you run the wedding day or does the wedding run you?

Hey There Fellow Photographer!

It's time to take Control of the Wedding Day!

As a wedding photographer, you and I both know that the schedule of a wedding day can get out of control fast!

- Always feel like you're one step behind
- Not sure what's coming next
- watching the sun going down & freaking out inside
- no one planned for bride and groom portraits
- assuming that the wedding coordinator is on top of things
- a family member taking over the flow of the day
- a vendor not showing up when they should
- the couple planning a special moment but there's no time

There is an infinite of possible things that can go wrong!

I started photographing weddings in 2012 and like most everyone who starts in the photography world, I jumped right in!  Let's talk for a second the first wedding I ever shot.  We found each other on craigslist and she was the sweetest!  I was upfront with her about it being my first wedding and her budget was low so we agreed on $300 for the day.  On the wedding day, I remember feeling so nervous and not really knowing what to expect.  I was running around all over the place, didn't know what to do next and was just a mess!  She ultimately loved her photos and it brought me so much joy to hear that!  But I look back and think, what if I had had a plan?!  How much better would I have felt and how much more professional would others have seen me as.

With each wedding, I learned more and more.  And you know that with photography, you are always learning!  I am primarily a wedding photographer and one of the most important things I have learned, is having a plan is invaluable!  Not only having a plan but sticking to that plan and having a backup for that plan!  I have had countless wedding guests and family members of our bride and grooms come up to us and thank us for being so organized!  Some have had bad experiences in the past and some were just thankful that family photos after the ceremony only lasted 15 minutes!  Whatever the reason, I am SO thankful that I came up with a great wedding day timeline that is easy for the couples as well as easy for us!  Our wedding days run smoothly from start to finish and we know exactly what is coming up next.  When a bride asks me when will her first look be, I can tell her an actual time!  I promise you, having well put together timeline on a wedding day will be a GAME CHANGER!

a PRO PHOTOGRAPHER will always have a plan

I am not only a seasoned wedding photographer, I am a planner & a scheduler! Communication is important in all aspects of my life from business to relationships.  And if you need a list, I've got you!  And in this case, a wedding day timeline!

My husband Philip & I have been married for 12 years, have a grown daughter and two sweet puppies.  We have caught the travel bug & LOVE cruises! Our adventure together started with selling T-Shirts at an event in 2006. We have always worked well together & now here we are 16 years later sharing this incredible journey together!

One thing I love to do is to be helpful and that's exactly what I want to do for you!  Making a wedding day run smooth is not only good for the vendors at a wedding but more importantly, the couple who are saying I DO!

So Who is Cindy Medick

staycation a month makes my heart happy.


hours are spent at beautiful weddings every year


minutes of scheduling tasks 
& lists gets my day started.


You are booked for 8 hours but your time will run out before their sparkler exit.  They don't realize this!

photography hours

Portrait time is at 2pm and the florist is scheduled to deliver at 2pm.  But it takes time to pin the boutonnieres!

vendor deliveries

Is there a first look with her dad, bridesmaids, with grandma, or with the groom, that stuff takes time!

all the first looks

If she's waiting on her photographer to get put dress on, she is freaking out inside.

getting dressed

it's the little details that make a big impact

Click the link below and follow the prompts.  You'll receive instructions through email with everything you need to get started.  Your wedding days are about to get a lot more organized!

How to Get Started:

Our 58+ question, easy to send questionnaire with all the things you need to know to give your couple a smooth wedding day.

The same timeline template we use on every wedding from start to finish.  Easy customizable for your businesses in a Word Doc.

45 minute instructional video to make this your own, how to apply the answers to the template as well as how we run a wedding day.

What's Included:

THE cmp TIMELINE Process


THE template

THE details


Short answer?  YES!  

A wedding day timeline is not just a way to make your job easier.  It is a way to show your couple that you are going that extra step to ensure that they are getting all the shots that they are dreaming of!  They will not be worried and asking you questions all throughout the wedding day because they will know that you are taking care of them.  The couple will be at ease which will result in dreamer portraits!

We have taken over 9 years of experience with weddings of all shapes and sizes, and turned them into questions for you to ask each and every one of your couples.  This process is user friendly, customizable, and waiting for your next wedding!

is a timeline really that important?

I'm All In!



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