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On Wednesday afternoon, Philip and I were relaxing on the couch a bit before an hour before we were going to meet Beth + Mark at Oliver Nature Park in Mansfield. I checked my weather app as always before a shoot… Sunny skies, no wind, great! Then literally out of thin air, we heard thunder! What?! I was so confused! Luckily, it was short lived and was over 45 minutes before we were supposed to meet Beth + Mark! The clouds did decide to hang around though and we embraced the lower temperatures for a change! Texas heat is no joke! Shade is the best!

Beth + Mark’s journey together started 9 years ago and their marriage journey starts next Friday! Isn’t that exciting?! Who knew that Mark’s love of pool would bring him to meet his future wife! So fun how life brings us all together. They are such a fun couple! You would have thought these two would have taken photos together in the past. They were complete naturals!

Here are just a few of our favorites! Cant wait till Friday!

Beth + Mark | To Be Continued…
August 6, 2021


BETH + MARK | An Oliver Nature Park Engagement

July 30, 2021

It was so great to finally meet Serene + Alex in person! We did get to have a zoom call with them a few months ago for a consult. So not only did we get to spend time with Serene and Alex, we got a bonus getting to meet Alex’s sister! So nice to help […]

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All I can say is… WOW! And that wow goes to all the things! First off, who knew that there was this beautiful winery in Weatherford, Texas?! When we were driving up, I was blown away at all of the rows and rows of grapevines. The views are absolutely stunning! When I walked into the […]

Lisa + Mat’s wedding day started and ended with so much joy and all the fun in between! Weston Gardens is such a beautiful backdrop for a wedding and reception. And on this day, we were blessed with all the cloud cover and cool breeze! It made for a pretty magical night! Philip and I […]

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