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I know getting ready for your engagement session can send butterflies in your stomach! I promise, when you arrive and it’s time to start, they will float away! After the first 15 minutes, you will have learned our core poses and how we turn them into genuine images that show the world who you two are as a couple!

Chances are, this is your first time having your photos professional taken and there are a few things that can help you prepare. I will try and keep this short and sweet… I know you are a busy bride!


Each month brings on a different backdrop and temperature.  Do you want greens and vibrancy of spring or do you like the orange and yellow leaves in the fall?  Is summer too hot for you in Texas or do you tense up in colder weather.  All of these things come into play when choosing your location.

Check out this photo! Summer to Fall to Winter!


The sooner you can get your engagement session date on the calendar, the better!  Dates can fill up fast and if you are particular about the month you want your session in, claiming your date early is best!  Your session should start 2 hours prior to sunset for the best and most flattering light!


What location best reflect you as a couple?  Are you more of a city type couple or do you like nature and lakes?  If there a specific location that means something special to you?  Once we get an idea of the type of location, we can send you suggestion of locations in your area.  Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!  We love to travel!


Choosing an outfit that you love AND looks great on camera can seem like a difficult task.  Remember that pale, neutral colors are always a great choice.  If you are wearing something with a print, then your partner should wear something solid.  If you do have a bolder color, have your partner balance it out with a lighter tone of the same color or a lighter neutral color. 


Most couples like to do a dressy then casual outfit.  If you are choosing to have an outfit change, make sure that your location has a spot for you to change in.  While you are switching outfits, this is a great time for your photographer to snap some solo ring shots!


It’s time for that ring finger close up!  It could be a good idea to get a manicure with polish to really make your ring pop! 


Depending on your location, there may be a lot of walking involved.  If you are wearing high heels, bring a pair of sandals to quickly change in and out of while walking from spot to spot.


Having your makeup professionally done by the artist that you will be working with on the day of your wedding, is a great idea so you can see what you like and don’t like for the day of!


No phone squares or bulky keys showing up in back pockets!  Leave your purse or wallet in the car or at home.  We can hold your car keys, wallet, and/or phone in our bag.


We know how to crop out distracting elements and look for locations with the BEST lighting.  Sometimes a beautiful background can be in the wrong location for light and leave unflattering lines or dark circles around your eyes.  And we definitely don’t won’t that!

Then the day is here! Relax and have fun! You are going to love your photos! See you then! -Cindy


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