MEGAN + MATTHEW | Mansfield Wedding

It wasn’t that long ago that Philip and I met Megan + Matthew for the first time. We hung out at America’s best to discuss what it would look like if Philip and I were to photograph their wedding. Little did we know that we actually lived less than a mile from each other! So crazy right?! And super fun! We’ve now spent a few happy hours and dinners together and can say just how awesome this couple is inside and out and just how happy we are for them!

We mentioned in our initial meeting that Philip has been asked to officiate in other weddings. So when they asked if Philip would officiate for their day, he was so honored! A sweet and intimate ceremony had us all holding back tears of happiness for Megan and Matthew! Seeing other so happy bring so much joy to us!

After the ceremony at their families private residence, we all headed to the Walnut Creek Country Club for a few portraits and dinner. You would not believe how windy it was when we got there! I’m surprised we didn’t all blow away. Ha!

It was such a great day of family and celebration! Here are a few highlights of the day!

RECEPTION VENUE | Walnut Creek Country Club
FLORIST | Vintage and Vine Florals
MAKE UP ARTIST | Kari Does Makeup
BRIDE’S DRESS | Bliss Brial

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