BRIDGET + JASON | Dallas Flippen Park Engagement

I am so excited to share this post! Although it was SUPER hot, the sun was in all the right places to make this engagement session so glowy! Which I think describes Bridget + Jason perfectly! Not to mention cheery, joyful, and sweet!

Philip and I met them at Flippen Park in Dallas to start our engagement session and it was perfect! We had the park to ourselves for the majority of the time! (Photo session score!) Definitely one of the perks of having an engagement session during the week! And can you imagine having a beautiful park like this right across the street? Living in Highland Park may have to become a goal of mine!

After we soaked up every ounce of beauty, we headed over to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge to bring the downtown skyline to life! Jason + Bridget spend a lot of time in Dallas so incorporating the downtown skyline was a must! I just love all the little pieces that came together for their shoot! You can really see the joy that they bring together! Here are some of my favorites!

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