CHELSI + FELIPE | Adriatica McKinney Engagement

Chelsi + Felipe live in Austin and were in town this past weekend so it worked out perfectly to have their engagement session before they headed back home. I just love October! Texas weather is so up and down or I should say hot and cold… but on this day, is was beautiful! The sun was shinning, the wind was the perfect kind of warm… Ahhh… October!

When we first met up with them, Mimosa was so excited to meet us and we were so excited to meet Mimosa! She is such a sweet and excited pup and we all know how much I love puppies! (Yes all dogs are called puppies in my brain!)

After spending the afternoon at Adriatica Village, I am not going to lie. I kinda want to move there! I think I could get used to waking up every morning to all the beautiful scenery! And oh I almost forgot to mention. We got to watch a hot air balloon land! Well, sort of! It tried but decided against it. It was very cool to see one up close!

We loved getting to know this sweet couple (Mimosa too!) and was bummed when our session was over. But the great new is, we will see them again soon! See you in September!

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