CHRISTINE + BEN | Ft. Worth Engagement

Ok… Everyone knows how much value I put in an engagement session but I just have to say it again! It is so important! Christine doesn’t live in Texas but Ben does. And when she was in town for a few days, we had to make this happen and I’m SOOOO happy we did!

Philip and I got to learn so many wonderful things about this couple. Like how their first time getting to spend time with each other, he vistited her in England and they spent the day in PARIS. It’s like a movie right?! Not to divulge in all the details, trust me, it was a day to remember!

When you see these two, you know that they were meant to be. I know that sounds so “chic flick” like but I promise you, it’s true!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from our session with them at the Fort Worth Trinity Duck Pond!

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