KARI + COLLIN | Airfield Falls Engagement

If you know me well then you know that I LOVE the water. Doesn’t matter if it’s a lake, river, ocean or even just a water feature! Did you know that Fort Worth has this amazing little treasure?! A waterfall! And on the morning of this engagement session, it poured so I knew it was going to be nice and full of rolling water!

This was our first time meeting Kari + Collin in person and we knew right away that they were going to be fun! I love how much they laugh and joke with each other! Reminds me of Philip + I! Haha!

Kari + Collin met through Kari’s brother. Collin was a pledge brother with her actual brother in their Christian fraternity at Texas Tech. So when Kari transferred to Tech two years later, they met and realized that there was more than a friendship there. However, it took them a little while before taking the leap to dating. And now, years later, they are engaged and are set to be married in October!

I could go on and on but what you really want is to see their happy faces! Take a look!

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