MARY + CODY | Reverchon Park Dallas Engagement

Mary + Cody (and Xena!) met us at Reverchon Park a few days ago for our engagement session! It was our first time at this park and I have to say… it’s pretty cool! We kept joking that we had visited ancient ruins from another land! Ha! Sounds silly but it really was like that! There were so many cool stairs to climb and Xena was living her best life! So much energy and SO happy! I just love puppies!!

And it wasn’t just Xena! : ) Mary + Cody were full of laughs and have the best sense of humor! My cheeks were hurting by the end of our session as if I were the one in front of the camera!

We ended our session on the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge and it was lovely as always! Clouds always make the skyline look so soft and art like. I love it!

“Cody popped the question on top of a mountain while we were on a ski trip in Crested Butte, Colorado. It was absolutely perfect!”

A perfect date for us is “A nice dinner out or making our own gourmet meal.”

Tell us something about each other!
Cody brews his own beer and it is AMAZING according to Mary.”
“Mary is an AMAZING artist according to Cody”
Ok that is just sweet!

Mary + Cody’s how you met story…
“In true Texas fashion, we met at Whataburger after a night out at Northgate in College Station.”

What are you most looking forward to on the wedding day?
“Starting a new chapter in our relationship and celebrating with all of our friends and family.”

You’ll see these two again in June!!

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