MARY + JOHN | Fort Worth Stockyards Engagement

You may have heard the story of me and the cactus a year back… (if you haven’t, I’ll tell you the short short version!) Let’s just say I was at an engagement session and my angle came a half an inch too close to a very small but very mean cactus! OUCH! After the session was over, I called Philip as soon as I got in the car to ask him to google how to get tiny cactus needles out of skin! They were everywhere! (I didn’t realize I had bumped into the cactus so I trying to brush off what was irritating my angle… Little did I know it was the tiniest little cactus needles that were now all over my hands as well!) Needless to say, I had to throw away my shoes as well as my pants cause there was no getting them all out. It was a sad day! Great pictures though so totally worth it! #photogproblems Haha!

Since then I am VERY careful around cactuses to make sure that never happens again. I will say that after this session, me and cactuses are now back on speaking terms! Haha! I am SO in love with this session! You will totally see why in ten seconds!

I love it when a couple arrives so excited for their engagement session! Mary + John have such a fun and positive energy, you can’t help but join them! They are clearly in love and it really shows in the way they hold each other! And John needed no prompt to kiss his bride to be! I can’t wait any longer! Take a look!

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