TARRYN + ROGER | Arbor Hills Plano Engagement

I met Tarryn + Roger for their engagement session at Arbor Hills Nature Reserve in Plano last week. About 2 minutes into our session, I had to explain to Roger that it was possible that I may call him Royer by accident… why you ask? Because it’s what I call my best guy friend who name is also Roger! Old habits die hard right?

Fall in Texas is so lovely! It doesn’t last very long but don’t you just love all of these reds and oranges?! Honestly, I’m thankful we have a fall at all! I feel like most of the time we go from Summer to Winter in the span of a month. Tarryn + Roger picked a great location to show our Texas Fall and I had so much fun getting to know them both!

Since Philip didn’t get to join us this time, I tried to be sure to ask all the questions that he normally does! His favorite question to ask… “What is your favorite movie?” This spawned us talking about all kinds of Disney movies! It made me realize how much those fav movies of mine as a kid has really secured a place in my heart. : )

Enough about me! : ) Take a look at their wonderful fall session!

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