DAISEY + PHILLIP | Oliver Nature Park Mansfield Engagement

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve written a post!  It’s been a fun month with shoots, celebrations, and meeting other professionals.  I am really excited with what September is going to hold!  Do you know what the best form of flattery is?!  A referral!  If you are a business owner you know what I’m talking about!  I am so glad that our mutual friend brought us together!

Summer in Texas is downright….. HOT!  Every year I say, “I don’t remember it being this hot last year!”  Can someone turn the air down, please?!  Luckily after about a half hour into our session, the breeze kicked in!  And we all let out an audible sigh of relief.  Haha!  Well, I’ll take the nice beautiful sun over a cold blustery cloudy day any day!

Anytime anyone is named Phillip, I have to ask…. one L or two.  This is because of my husband!  I always want to make sure I’m spelling it correctly.  I’m pretty sure he is the only one who is super concerned about it!  Got to love him!

Daisey + Phillip have such a natural way with each other that can’t help but make you smile.  While we were walking from one location to another, I looked back and saw him giving her a piggyback ride through one of the fields.  My Philip (with one L haha!) look forward to seeing them again in October on their wedding day!  It’s amazing to me that the day is almost here!  Scroll through to see a few of my favorites.

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