It is always so interesting to me how photography and wedding locations come in waves. Let me explain… : )

I love that I live in Mansfield! We are right in between Fort Worth and Dallas which is perfect! We go through periods of time when we are constantly in Dallas and then the next month, we are all over Fort Worth. Then maybe another month in Mansfield and Arlington. I love it! In the past two weeks, we have gotten to shoot at the Arboretum three times! And once you see the photos below, you will see why!

The Dallas Arboretum is one of my favorite places to shoot in the winter months (during the weekday) for several reasons but I’ll just tell you one for now. There is still so much color and life when most locations, their trees have lost their leaves. Even if it’s raining, no problem, there are still colorful vibrant flowers bloomed and so many areas that are perfect for photos! Enter Emily + Aaron!

First off, I LOVE this dress she got from Lulu’s! Blush pinks are in my top 3 favorite colors for dresses! Doesn’t she look so carefree and airy?!

Philip wasn’t able to come with us to the shoot but Emily, Aaron, and I had an awesome time walking around and taking it all in. And I even found a new favorite spot that I hadn’t shot before. Love love love! See if you can guess which spot it was!

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