How many times do you start making a list and then set it down somewhere, start another list then forget what was on the original list…  oh is it just me?  🙂

I was talking with one of my brides about how much goes into wedding planning.  I know not everyone can afford a wedding coordinator to help them book vendors, make a timeline, etc.  I myself was a diy bride and ran around pretty crazy since I had never planned a wedding before.  What bride has?  I could have greatly benefited from having some sort of guideline to go by.  So I decided to make one.  And I know there are VERY large planners out there and those are fun too!  Please go get one of those because they are just fun and very helpful!  But to have most everything on one page to overview is happier on my eyes.  And I hope on yours too.

I’m not a wedding planner but I love having a plan!  (All of my couples get a detailed questionnaire to compile all the information I need to create a detailed timeline for their wedding day.)  I think it’s important to write things down and know exactly where you stand on getting things done.  It helps level out the feeling of being overwhelmed because you feel like you have a million things to do.  Planning your dream wedding, there may just be million things to do.  But when you have a list, you can check off or cross off the things you have completed and there is a sense of accomplishment in that.  Nothing is hidden and you know exactly how much more you need to complete.

So not to get too wordy here, I wanted to share a wedding day timeline with any bride, not just my #cmbrides, to help you feel a little more stress-free.  If you have other things you think would be helpful to add to this list, feel free to email me and I’ll take a look and update the sheet accordingly.  Click on the link below, scroll down, select the one page planner, then print it to make your planning just a little easier!

The One Page Planner

If you want to receive more helpful tips for your wedding, go to the contact page and let me know!  I’ll send them your way when they get posted.  

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